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Reluctantly the owners need to re-home their 7-month-old female White Swiss Shepherd pup. The successful buyer (owners are requesting $1350 ONO) will also need to agree to the terms of the pedigree papers and contract they have signed. She has been speyed. Registered with papers. Current weight 21 kg - still growing.

She is also not for a family with cats, chickens or small animals. She will only go to a fully fenced yard with enough space. High fences are recommended.

Strengths: She is a beautiful dog, very loyal and loving. Great temperament with people, gentle and affectionate with family and friends - will warning bark if strangers approach, but is not aggressive. Healthy and athletic. She loves playing fetch and is smart and teachable. Sits on command and will do lots for food treats. She is also house trained. She just wants to be around you and involved when outside and will happily follow you around. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her as they are beautiful dogs. She is content to lay about the house around you - when you are relaxing. Will walk on lead, but can get distracted or pull, as she is still a puppy. She is  not food aggressive .

Weaknesses: Still needs more socialising around other dogs - needs more time and training here. Owners drop her to a doggy day care twice a week and its going well. Will chase cats. She cannot be trusted around small animals AT ALL - she has killed a few chickens, she is very determined, particularly when owners are not around. She has a strong hunting / prey instinct. Ideally, if you have had experience with Shepherds and understand this breed, she will develop into a loving and loyal companion. They are intelligent - the kind of dog that needs committment and consistent input.
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White Swiss Shepherd
Xena, a pup from our Akeem / Sahara litter
(RegalWhite Swiss Shepherds)

Has found her new home. Thanks for your interest.