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Majestic White Shepherds
An Association of Registered Breeders working under a common set of principles for the benefit of our White Shepherds and their Owners
White Shepherd Dog Club of
New Zealand
Club Information
The White Shepherd Dog Club of New Zealand (WSDCNZ) is a non incorporated Association of Registered Breeders devoted to the protection and improvement of the White Shepherd Dog. Association members agree to always act in the best interests of the breed and agree that the health and welfare of the breed must always take precedence over financial or personal gain.
  1. Ensure that all dogs receive proper care and attention; are supplied with proper and sufficient food, water and shelter; and receive adequate exercise.
  2. Have all dogs immunised every year with the standard annual vaccination.
  3. Keep all dogs free of worms and other parasites.
  4. Conform to Local Body laws pertaining to dogs.
  5. Notify the WSDCNZ of any change of address or phone number of either the Member and/or the dog/s.
  6. Notify the WSDCNZ and provide Veterinary confirmation should the dog/s develop any genetic disease, deformity or illness.
  7. Follow all "Breeding Guidelines" if breeding.
  8. Complete and forward a Transfer Form to the WSDCNZ if there is a change of ownership of the dog.
  1. (a) The breeder must have all breeding bitches and dogs x-rayed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Optionally a test for Haemophilia is recommended.
      (b) Dogs over the current breed average (20) must be mated to dogs with a much lower hip score. The dog with the lower hip score, must not have more than 6 on any one hip.
      (c) Elbow Scores should be no more than 2 on each side.
      (d) Breeders who breed with dogs over a total hip score of 30 will not be eligible for our puppy listings or referrals. Resulting pups are also not eligible for pedigree papers. The breeder is still required to register the pups (at no charge) on the Club's National Register so that we are able to keep accurate records of bloodlines and where pups are located. Results of all tests are to be forwarded to the WSDCNZ for certification and approval before the commencement of breeding.
      (e) Breeding dogs over the age of 8 years old should not be x-rayed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia due to the high risk of their body not coping with the anaesthetic. The breeder should obtain a certificate from a Registered Vet and forward to the WSDCNZ for certification and approval before the commencement of breeding. The WSDCNZ will treat each case on a one off basis and give a decision based on the dog's background and health. If approved the resulting puppies would then be eligible for pedigree papers and conditions as per normal breeding apply.
  2. All breeding dogs should be DNA tested for major canine diseases.
DNA testing kits and forms are available through the Club. (Club discount applies).
Dogs with positive results for a canine disease must not be bred with another dog with a similar result. Carriers may be bred with a dog with a Clear result and Clear may be bred with Clear.
All results are to be registered with the Club and published in the Club records. Further tests are available for breed traits etc, please contact the Club for further information.
  3. Keep accurate records of all mating; births; and all data relating to the breeding dogs and resulting puppies.
  4. Not falsify any medical records; breeding records; or other documents.
  5. Only use mates for breeding with his/her White Shepherd that have been registered with the WSDCNZ and have passed all Breeding Requirements.
  6. Only breed from dogs that are physically, structurally and temperamentally sound.
  7. Not allow his/her female White Shepherd to be bred from before the bitch's second (2nd) heat/season or before the age of eighteen (18) months - whichever is the later; nor to have more than one (1) litter in any twelve (12) month period.
  8. Pups must be micro chipped before the age of 8 weeks or before they go to their new homes.
  9. Rear dew claws are to be removed. It is at the discretion of the breeder and their vet as to at how old they should be removed from the puppy.
  10. Not allow the puppy to permanently leave the Breeder's premises before the age of six (6) weeks.
  11. Provide the Purchaser with copies of vaccination certificates; worming regimen; and notification of the puppy's needs and feeding guidelines when it leaves the Breeder's premises.
  12. Breeders are to fill out a Litter Registration Form and submit registration fees for every live pup born.
  13. It is recommended that ALL Registered Breeders use a Contract of Sale when selling all puppies to protect not just themselves, the new owners and the puppy, but also the future of the breed.
  14. It is recommended that all stud owners/members breeding their dogs use a Stud Contract in all mating to protect the dogs and owners.
  15. Members and registered breeders should refer to or advertise their dogs as White Shepherd Dogs or White German Shepherds, giving a clear indication they are of the white line of the German Shepherd Breed so there is no confusion with White Swiss Shepherds which have their own recognition and registration processes.
  16. Breeders Questionnaire to be completed by all registered breeders and breeders applying for a kennel name.
Association Principles
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