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Majestic White Shepherds
An Association of Registered Breeders working under a common set of principles for the benefit of our White Shepherds and their Owners
About The Breed
White Shepherd Dog Club of
New Zealand
Mating & Whelping Charts:
Genetic Testing & Canine Diseases information:
White Shepherd Genetic information:
Courtesy of the American White Shepherd Association
Breed Standard:
(Courtesy of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia and the FCI)
Articles on Hip & Elbow Dysplasia and the Grading Scheme
Canine Hip Dysplasia. (pdf document)
Key Statagies to Reduce Genetic Disorders in Dogs. (pdf document)
Information re importing or exporting animals or semen to and from New Zealand (Includes Veterinary requirements and downloadable forms)
Introduction to GDC and links to informative articles
Fereration Cynologique Internationale
Mating Chart
Perpetual Whelping Chart
Genetic Testing
White Shepherd Genetics
Breed Standard
Canine Megaesophegus
Note! - NZVA no longer supports this scheme having moved to Penhip how ever our club continues to support the scheme and have our dogs tested in Australia as we have always done.
Daily Dog Discoveries - Puppy Growth Plates:
Impact of Excercise on Puppy Growth Plates
Breeding Strategies. (pdf document)
Bone disorders in the dog: A review of modern
genetic strategies to find the underlying causes (pdf document)
Breed History:
(Courtesy of Pandoras Kennels, breeders of White Swiss Shepherds)
White German Shepherd History. (pdf document)